Making technical business decisions can be very difficult, and many people get confused. It is particularly true with VPN and VPS hosting. While they sound alike, these services are completely different. With both of them you can control aspects of company’s work effectively, but they are not equally suitable for your business. VPS: Virtual Private Server VPS hosting is a great hosting option for businesses that need better flexibility and features of a dedicated server without overpaying for hosting. Using this server you can host files, run different programs for their management and host websites. VPS hosting is used like shared hosting, because several accounts are used on one server. Every account is placed on a virtual segment of the[…]

Not every application can be hosted on Linux, or not everyone likes or comfortable with it. There could be various reasons to use Windows servers instead of UNIX. Ex: Application compatibility Legacy application Windows-based application Jump server Just need to perform application or site testing What’s your requirement? The following are some of the best solutions to host the Windows application around the globe. 1: Google Cloud Platform Deploy the .NET application, SQL server, or anything on GCP. You can choose to host Windows 2012, 2016 and 2019. Pricing is based on size and resources like storage, a network you add, and you pay for what you use. No more annual or monthly lock-in. Google Cloud database centers are available in[…]