Fix two critical metrics of your website – Performance & Security by implementing the right CDN solution CDN Providers 1. Incapsula 2. CloudFlare 3. Datapath 4. Photon by Jetpack 5. Netlify 6. JS Deliver 7. INXY 1. Incapsula Incapsula by Imperva is one of the leading cloud-based security providers offer website acceleration and protection for any websites. Incapsula offers a FREE plan with the following features and perfect for the blog or personal website. Global CDN Caching, Compression, Minification, Image Optimization Spambot protection, CAPTCHA security, comment spam protection IPV6 support Real-time statistics, uptime monitoring, weekly report, traffic stats However, for business/e-Commerce website you may choose PRO or Business plan. Paid plan offers much more including DDoS protection, Web Application Firewall, Load Balancer, etc. Incapsula POP is located in 30 data[…]

Finding it hard to search for the best hosting platform for Node.js? We got you covered. Node.js is one of the most popular JavaScript runtime environment used by millions of developers worldwide. From its inception in 2009, it has grown in popularity, and now it is used by many businesses out there. Business and industry sector mainly use Node.js. Let’s explore the platform… 1: AWS The market-leading cloud platform is one of the best choices to host your modern applications. AWS got thousands of services to meet every requirement. You may either choose to provision a VM and install Node.js and relevant software or go with Elastic Beanstalk. It supports the following language. Node.js Python Ruby Go .Net Java and more… The advantage of[…]

INXY Ltd proudly announces launching of its proprietary CDN (content delivery network) service! Now you have a chance to speed up your project and bring delivery to a completely new level! 48 PoPs located in Europe, USA and other regions will ensure strikingly fact content transfer to your target audience, no matter what your project is dedicated to. Advantages of INXY CDN Partnering with prominent CDN companies, INXY team has managed to unite the benefits of advanced providers and years of experience to create reliable, fast and – which is important – affordable service. Why choosing our network? Ultimate 100% uptime. Even if several network servers fail, your mission-critical information will be preserved. Make your website failure-proof! No contracts. You[…]

Google Cloud

One of the frequently asked questions I receive is how to login to Google Cloud Linux VM on a custom port using gcloud. Google Cloud Platform (GCP) has multiple options to connect to the VM. If you’ve changed default SSH port from 22 to something else and trying to connect using thengcloud you got to use -ssh-flag parameter. Let’s see the command syntax. Login to VM with Custom SSH Port Using gcloud Login to Google Cloud Platform and go to VM instances under Computer Engine Click on drop-down next to SSH >> view gcloud command This will prompt you a small dialog box with command, something like below. gcloud compute -project “PROJECT_NAME” ssh -zone “us-central1-b” “instance-1” If you notice, custom SSH port is not defined in the command, and[…]

In many ways PHP took over the mantle from Perl — it was an easy scripting language that could embed right within HTML (or embed HTML within itself, depending on how you want to look at it), was supported by popular open source web servers (*cough* Apache), and had bindings to popular relational databases (yup, MySQL). But unlike Perl, PHP was clever enough to innovate faster when it came to staying relevant — the HHVM was a threat large enough to make Zend drop any plans for PHP 6 and jump to PHP 7 (resulting in a 200% performance increase), and just when it was looking like the development scene in PHP was all about monkey coding or make-your-own-framework, Laravel dropped a[…]

Not every application can be hosted on Linux, or not everyone likes or comfortable with it. There could be various reasons to use Windows servers instead of UNIX. Ex: Application compatibility Legacy application Windows-based application Jump server Just need to perform application or site testing What’s your requirement? The following are some of the best solutions to host the Windows application around the globe. 1: Google Cloud Platform Deploy the .NET application, SQL server, or anything on GCP. You can choose to host Windows 2012, 2016 and 2019. Pricing is based on size and resources like storage, a network you add, and you pay for what you use. No more annual or monthly lock-in. Google Cloud database centers are available in[…]