INXY Ltd proudly announces launching of its proprietary CDN (content delivery network) service! Now you have a chance to speed up your project and bring delivery to a completely new level! 48 PoPs located in Europe, USA and other regions will ensure strikingly fact content transfer to your target audience, no matter what your project is dedicated to. Advantages of INXY CDN Partnering with prominent CDN companies, INXY team has managed to unite the benefits of advanced providers and years of experience to create reliable, fast and – which is important – affordable service. Why choosing our network? Ultimate 100% uptime. Even if several network servers fail, your mission-critical information will be preserved. Make your website failure-proof! No contracts. You[…]


Making technical business decisions can be very difficult, and many people get confused. It is particularly true with VPN and VPS hosting. While they sound alike, these services are completely different. With both of them you can control aspects of company’s work effectively, but they are not equally suitable for your business. VPS: Virtual Private Server VPS hosting is a great hosting option for businesses that need better flexibility and features of a dedicated server without overpaying for hosting. Using this server you can host files, run different programs for their management and host websites. VPS hosting is used like shared hosting, because several accounts are used on one server. Every account is placed on a virtual segment of the[…]

Google Cloud

One of the frequently asked questions I receive is how to login to Google Cloud Linux VM on a custom port using gcloud. Google Cloud Platform (GCP) has multiple options to connect to the VM. If you’ve changed default SSH port from 22 to something else and trying to connect using thengcloud you got to use -ssh-flag parameter. Let’s see the command syntax. Login to VM with Custom SSH Port Using gcloud Login to Google Cloud Platform and go to VM instances under Computer Engine Click on drop-down next to SSH >> view gcloud command This will prompt you a small dialog box with command, something like below. gcloud compute -project “PROJECT_NAME” ssh -zone “us-central1-b” “instance-1” If you notice, custom SSH port is not defined in the command, and[…]

Build a great web application with PHP using the following frameworks, faster! The Evolution of PHP PHP has significantly evolved over recent years. From an unorganized scripting language to an object-oriented backend programming language, PHP has seen too many changes. The point that remained constant with this evolution is the preference of developers for PHP due to its excellent response time and lower hosting costs. The developer communities developed some of the excellent frameworks which can get you kickstarted for your development with PHP as backend. This article details such frameworks and helps you in choosing the right one for your development. 1: Laravel Framework Laravel is the most popular PHP framework for its excellent architecture. Laravel is a full-stack web[…]


Amaze your users with personalized greetings, content and more. If your online business relies on the user’s location, then you should think of leveraging Geolocation API to offer the relevant products, services, news, notifications. Technically, there are two possible ways to use Geolocation IP. Geo IP database – you buy an IP database and host it on your server and refer within your application. The problem in using the IP database is that you have to update it otherwise regularly, you will not have up-to-date IP location information. Geo API – you don’t need to worry about maintaining and updating it regularly. You refer to the API within your application to retrieve the necessary IP information. You pay for what[…]

CSS Frameworks

No wonder, then, that CSS frameworks emerged over time and took most of the pain away. Today we can’t imagine coding without our favorite CSS framework, as targeting multiple screen sizes has become a necessity. But how do you know your framework is the best for the job at hand? Also, if you’re new to front-end development, which framework should help you pick? This post casts a sweeping glance at the front-end development landscape and compares the front-runners among CSS frameworks. So if you’re tired of hand-coding CSS rules, dive in for some quick relief! 1: Bootstrap An initiative by Twitter, Bootstrap takes credit for introducing responsive design on a large scale. It was the first framework to promote the philosophy of[…]