[Last Update : 12/23/2018]

Criterieas for webmasters

If you want to integrate Kswallet API in your system then you need to request an application of your website in our Apply page.We have some criterias for the websites who want to be part of Kswallet.

1.Your application acceptance depends on the way you fill it in. Therefore, please give as much information as needed.
2.Try to be quite specific while writing the description, since all messages as "Please, approve" will be rejected automatically. It has to be understandable and detailed enough.
3.Fill your application in English.
4. We do not accept sites full of advertisement, sites with auto-redirects, automated scripts, hidden CPU mining etc.
5. Free domain sites are not in need, and most likely will be rejected.
6. Administration may refuse registration without any explanation. Although, a credible site that meets our standards and requirements will not be rejected.

If you think that your website meets our criterieas then send your application.

If you have any complaints, feedback or questions, kindly contact us and we will in our best efforts try to resolve it for you.